17th World Congress of the

Lyon, Catholic University, 2-5 July 2019





Dear Colleagues,

 French Transplant teams involved in Pancreas and Islet transplantation will host the 2019 IPITA meeting in Lyon 2 to 5 July.

Lyon participated in the very first steps of pancreas transplantation in the late seventies with the application of Neoprene injection of the pancreas, by Jean-Michel Dubernard and Jules Traeger, an original technique that allowed development of pancreas transplantation worldwide. The same team also participated in the evaluation and the improvement of the surgical techniques of pancreas grafts.

After the Minneapolis-workshop in 1979 we organized a very innovative meeting of pancreas transplanters in 1980, in which the idea to establish an international registry (IPTR) was brought up.

Lyon also organized in 1991 one of the first meetings of the new IPITA

In a parallel fashion in the 90’s a network for harvesting pancreases and islet processing was established with other cities in France such as Grenoble  with Pierre-Yves Behhamou, Nantes with Jean-Paul Soulillou and Diego Cantarovich, Lille with François Pattou and Geneva in the very close by Switzerland with Thierry Berney.

All these pioneering teams gathered as the TREPID group have significantly participated in the development of research and Clinical work in the field of pancreas transplantation and islet grafts especially in the recent years.

For these reasons we believe that the country of France and more specifically the city of Lyon deserves the opportunity to organize for the second time the IPITA meeting.

We will be delighted to host more the 350 delegates coming from all over the world, in our superb city ot Lyon, and look forward to welcoming you.

Congress Chair


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