Plenary Session 1

Title Opening the echo chamber - Perspectives on curing diabetes
Creators Peter Senior
Lorenzo Piemonti
Jon Odorico
Hosts Peter Senior
Sarah Cross
Questions to panellists What do patients with diabetes really want?
Can (could) this be met by islet, pancreas, stem cell replacement?
What are patients with diabetes building for themselves?
How should we compare the different options ?
Can cinical trial results be generalized to all patients with type 1 diabetes ?
Who should be recruited to clinical trials ?
Why you should attend The opening plenary session will take the format of a « talk show », in which patients with diabetes and their
advocates will challenge specialists in beta-cell replacement with their own perspectives, and attempt to open the
« echo chamber » in which congress-dwelling clinicians tend to hear and repeat the same « self-evident truths ».
What you will learn What is the true burden of diabetes on patients and their families
What are the strengths and weaknesses of transplant options compared to the artificial pancreas
What are the knowledge gaps that should be addressed by future research
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