State of the Art Symposium 2

Title Biotechnology shapes the future for beta cell replacement therapy
Creators Hanne Scholz
Ekaterine Berishvili
Giuseppe Orlando
Lectures Islet on a chip
Bioengineering approach to immunosuppression-free islet transplantation
Generation of insulin-producing organoids
Why you should attend Regenerative medicine is a rapidly emerging interdisciplinary field in the vast domain of biotechnology, focusing on repairing or replacing damaged tissues. It holds the promise of revolutionizing patient care, in particular for type 1 diabetes, in the 21st century.
What you will learn What is the state-of-the-art in bioengineering strategies for type 1 diabetes
How can biotechnology produce functional insulin-secreting constructs
How can bioengineering alleviate immune responses to beta-cells
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